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Tiny Street Dog Shares His Only Piece Of Bread With His Rescuers

After all the pain, all the fear, all the sickness, he’s still wagging his tail and offering to share.
There are some on this planet who are pure of heart. Even if they don’t have a lot, they are willing to share what they have.

They give without expecting anything in return.
Just because they want to. Even though Gunnar was left to fend for himself, he still wanted to share some bread with his new would-be handlers.

Gunnar was very small and unhealthy when he was found in the Grodendal township of Franschhoek in South Africa. His mother and his siblings had been murdered.
But somehow, Gunnar escaped.
Poor Gunnar wound up anemic, with tick bite fever, and infections. It’s likely that he didn’t have much food if any at all. Still, he offered to share a piece of bread some dog rehabilitators had given him.
Despite all that the pup had been through, his spirits were still high and he had love in his heart.

“Still wagging his tail. Still happy to see us. Still wanted to share his piece of bread,” one of the dog handlers said.
The crew used the bread to try and gain Gunnar’s trust and brought him to their facilities.
He was given a bath and a vet exam.

Thankfully, Gunnar was healthy and had no major issues. So, he was then put up for adoption.
That cute little face didn’t last long in the shelter before he was adopted.
He was only there for a week before he was adopted by a woman named Freya.
Gunnar had never lived in a house before so it was a big change.

“He was super curious all the time and wanted to discover everything,” Freya said.
Many dogs can be shy and will even hide when they move into a new home.
They might even act out by barking. But that didn’t happen with Gunnar. Gunnar fit right in and loved his new surroundings.

While Gunnar has always been a happy dog, his personality has bloomed and now he’s always bursting with playfulness.
Gunnar loves playing catch and playing with balls.
He loves going for runs on the beach and still shares. He likes to find special pretty rocks on the beach and will present them to the people he loves, like his mom and foster siblings.
“He’s definitely our little rockstar,” said Freya.

Freya decided to foster dogs during the pandemic so that Gunnar would have someone to play with.
“He’s naturally friendly and inquisitive,” said Freya. “He’s still the same happy little creature.”
Gunnar is very happy living his best life with his new family.

The Dodo shared a video about Gunnar’s story, which went viral with over 2.8 million views.
“This little cutie and his piece of bread just melts my heart. The fact that he was so happily smiling and wanting to share his piece of bread makes me so happy and he’s so cute although I felt so bad when he was in that condition,” one YouTube commenter said.

Learn more about Gunnar’s happy ending in the video below.


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