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This Little Dog Befriended A Butterfly, And For A Moment The World Was Perfect!

This is so adorable and precious, love ❤️ it.

Interesting human interest story between precious French Bulldog, Mochi and the Monarch butterfly. 💕😘
Guess you could say, it was love at first sight! 💕

One day, Rylee Boland and her French bulldog, Mochi, were hanging out in California when a colorful little stranger decided to drop by for a visit. It was a monarch butterfly, who proceeded to land on their backyard wall to warm his wings in the sun.

Such a sweet little face! 😘😘

Immediately, Mochi ran over to greet him. Though Mochi is typically a rambunctious pup, she seemed to understand the delicate insect would prefer a gentler sort of welcome.

Absolutely adorable 🥰

Boland said: She was so sweet and did not want to hurt it, She is very well-behaved and has the kindest heart. And the butterfly lingered well within sniffing distance — sensing, perhaps, that the curious little canine indeed meant him no harm.

Such a beautiful picture and precious! 💕

Both the butterfly and Mochi were so calm! This adorable interaction lasted for about 15 minutes, after which the butterfly took flight.
It was a shared sense of kindness and trust that made the sweet scene possible that day!

Love this beautiful puppy ♥️😘❤️ Absolutely Precious ❤️ 🐾

Yes no words except beyond beautiful 💖💖💖 Beautiful relationship. All’s right with the world! 💕

You know those puppy and dog calendars, this would be an awesome picture ☺️ so cute!
So much sweetness in such a little package…..and a butterfly.

Take time to smell… This truly makes my heart melt with joy. ❤🐾🐾

This dog knew how to show affection to another!!! We should be so kind to those who are so different than us!!

So sweet and precious ❤️🦋🐾

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