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This Guy Managed To Find The Best Prom Date Ever, His Cat

We all know how hard it is to find a date for Prom, it can be really stressful and depressing in many ways, and that’s exactly what 18-Year-Old Sam Steingard faced when he wasn’t able to find a girl to go to prom with. But that didn’t stop him from getting creative with the whole situation at all after he refused to stay home and not go prom, but he knew that he still had to take someone, and that’s when his cat Ruby came to the rescue.

Yes, you heard it right, he actually took his cat to prom, even though he skipped the dance part since that might be too much for the poor kitty. Although, the entire thing was a success, and he took a couple of incredibly adorable pictures with her that made the internet lose its mind. Check out the next page to see more of this amazingly cute duo.

This adorable duo was introduced to the internet by Sam’s sister Caroline who decided to share the picture with the whole world by posting it on Imgur, and that’s how they both became very popular and loved by people all around the world.

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