When he reunites with his lost cat, a truck driver can’t stop crying.Matthew and Ashes are back together and happy.After months of searching, trucker Matthew B couldn’t help but cry when he rediscovered his beloved cat Ashes.

Since their paths crossed, Matthew and Ashes have been on the road together.As they travel across the country in the comfort of their 18-wheeler, the man forms an incredible bond with his 3-year-old gray uncle.Ashes was his coworker, and they had never been apart until last July, when the cat accidentally escaped from the truck while it was parked in Springfield, Ohio.Something startled him, and he dashed into the bushes.

Trucker reunites with his lost cat

Matthew was devastated and looked everywhere for his best friend.He drove around the area numerous times without success; he was so heartbroken that he had to get back on the road, but he knew he had to.Matthew rerouted his routes several times over the next few months so that he could return to the same location in search of Ashes.He kept returning, hoping that today would be the day.

Kimberly T. and a friend arrived at the same stop on their way to New York one day.Something caught her eye just as she was about to get back into her car.A skinny, hungry cat emerged from a bush in search of attention.

Kimberley stated,

“I was trying not to put my paws on the ground because it was freezing.”She picked up the cat and took it to her car to warm it up because no one came to claim it.The cat appeared to have been on the streets for some time.He required a lot of attention as well as a vet check.Kimberly took him to New York because she knew of a place where he could be helped.

They took him to Lollypop Farm, a Fairport-based animal welfare organization that welcomed him with open arms.According to a spokesperson for the organization:”What Kimberly didn’t realize was that this cat was more than just any other cat; it was a seasoned traveler.”As with all incoming pets, our admissions team immediately scanned for a microchip.He not only owned one, but he had an owner who had registered it to a Texas address 1,465 miles away.”

They dialed the number listed in the registration information and hoped that the owner would answer, which he did.Matthew, who was in Arkansas at the time, was completely taken aback.

He told the Lollypop Farm employees:

“Every day, I was thinking about Ashes.”Matthew immediately changed his route and set out for New York.Ashes received the necessary veterinary care and gained some weight while waiting for the reunion date.Matthew’s 18-wheeler pulled up outside the shelter a week and a half after Ashes arrived.

Staff at the shelter told Love Meow:”Ashes recognized him and became affectionate right away.”Matthew sobbed as he rubbed his head against Ashes’ head and hugged him tightly.According to Matthew:”It’s a Christmas miracle for me.”It’s that microchip; without him, I’d never have recovered it.The women who discovered him saved his life, but it was the microchip that brought him home.”Kimberly and her friend came to see this heartwarming reunion.During their journey home, they fell in love with Ashes and were overjoyed to see him back where he belonged.


Staff at Lollypop Farm stated:

“Ashes and Matthew had a close relationship before it was broken up, and Matthew claims he’s even closer now.”Ashes appears to be overjoyed to be back with him, and she appears to be more loving than ever.We couldn’t be happier to have this daring cat back on track.”


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