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The Beauty Of Enchanting Blue-Eyed Cremello Horse In A Field Of Lupines

Everything about the animal kingdom is so huge and diverse that it’s impossible not to be amazed. Recently, a video of a beautiful white horse with blue eyes named “Idalgo” went popular on Instagram, leaving hundreds of fans in awe.

Kristina Makeeva (aka Hobopeeba) from Moscow is the photographer who has captured these images and she is trying to show her viewer the beauty that surrounds us every day in the simple things around us. Speaking to”WhatzViral” she said that her slogan is: Today isn’t just another day. Today I’ll create something beautiful. Her photos are warm, fabulous, full of wonders. And she took these beautiful photos of Idalgo in a lupin field, Moscow.

An entire field of Lupinus (also known as tremosos or chochos) was used to film the video. In Moscow, Russia, the plantation was located in a region where these wild species are normally found. The horse specimen’s pale color stood out against the blossoms.

Besides having blue eyes and pink skin, this rare horse has a magical appearance that is straight out of a fairytale. Horses with a genetic mutation from their dam and sire are called Cremello horses (mum and dad). The Cremello horse has a cream color with no markings and a white mane and tail. Cremello horses have blue eyes and pink skin, as well as other physical characteristics. Don’t they look like they just rode out of a fairytale?

This horse seems like it has appeared out of thin air, like something out of a fairy tale or a Disney film. Both Rapunzel and Cinderella, or the Frozen sisters Elsa and Anna, rode white horses. However, this is not the case. It’s a Cremello style horse. This breed is white with a mane and tail of the same color.

Its skin is a pinkish color, sometimes quite vivid and other times a bit boring. Many people believe that the Cremello is an albino horse, however, it isn’t. Her complexion appears as white as snow in the video.

The horse’s hair color is determined by the cream gene. It modifies the black or brown coats, this gene will change the hair and mane color to a lighter shade. For the calf to be born with the same coat, it must be crossed with both pure parents. The American Morgan Horse, American Quarter Horse, and Akhal Teke are the most common breeds with the Cremello coat.

Many people assume that Cremellos horses are albinos, prone to skin cancer, or have a tendency to burn easily. A horse’s white coat is made lighter by the cream gene, but the white coat is not removed by it. In their fur, skin, and eyes there are pigments that give them their distinctive color. The albino gene has not been found in horses. However, despite their pink skin, sunburns are more likely in horses with large white spots.

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