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Sweet Shar Pei politely asks her mom to tuck her in every night and over 2M have watched

This pup knows how to politely get mom’s attention to get whatever she needs. And who could resist that face?

Ava is a Chinese Shar-Pei that has learned to get her mom’s attention with a few gentle taps. And that tricks alone has built her a social media empire.

You can find the adventures of Ava the Tapping Pei on FacebookInstagram, and Youtube, all curated by her owner, Anna Kim.

Hey mom. Mom. MOM!

In one of Ava’s many viral videos, she can be seen showing off her tap skills at the time when they’re probably the least charming – while Anna is asleep.

But it turns out Ava needs something.

After a few initial taps, Ava stares at her mom – the kind of stare you can probably feel even if you are still asleep.

It looks like Ava might have to try a little harder.

Well, there’s only one way to find out.

It’s time to tap in for round 2.

Ava gives her mom a few more paw pets on the arm, hoping to rouse her from her slumber.

Why the wake-up call?

We imagine Anna was already expecting the tap-a-thon since she had her phone set up to capture it (and perhaps the TV on to illuminate the scene).

It appears that she wanted to see what Ava would do if she didn’t respond right away, so she ignored the first attempt.

But it turns out Ava doesn’t need mom to wake up and get out of bed – the dog wants IN.

It’s a good thing dogs are so cute and snuggly.

Not only does Ava want to be in bed with mom, but she also wants to be under the covers. So Anna lifts them up for her while Ava finds the perfect spot to curl up.

Most dogs don’t like to be entirely under the covers, so we’re eager to see how this plays out.

Does Anna need to fully wake up so that the dog can get in the perfect position, or will Ava manage to make herself a snuggle spot without assistance?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Dogs can be such divas.

Peace at last

As it turns out, Ava does in fact need to have her face out. And there’s a perfect way to arrange things that she wants mom to get just right.

The covers go over the body and the top of the head, but don’t cover her face. You’ve gotta let those wrinkles air out after all.

Mom must be holding the camera at this point since we’re getting Ava’s best angle. And we have to admit she looks pretty darn cute snuggled up in bed.

Before she drifts off, she clearly makes note of any last-minute thoughts for the day.

And since dogs have very little to worry about, that only takes a few seconds before she gets her head in the right spot to fall asleep.

Who needs extra blankets when you have this furry space heater?

All that tapping worked out for the best. Ava manages to fall asleep so fast it makes us jealous.

She’s snoozing within seconds, with a blanket and mom’s arm over her for physical and emotional comfort.

Now the only question is, who taps who first in the morning when they need to get up?

You’ll just have to check out Ava on YouTube to find out.

Be sure to scroll down to see Ava’s nighttime tap routine.

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