Stray German Shepherd Realizes Rescuers Are There To Help So She Brings Out Her Friend

It’s heartbreaking to think that someone would leave one dog out on the streets- let alone two.So when the story came out about a German Shepherd who, although first thought to be alone, was actually living in the woods with another dog, we were heartbroken for the two pups.

And while it was unclear if the buddies had been abandoned by the same person or not, what was pretty obvious was that one wouldn’t leave without the other.Thankfully, this story has a happy ending, as both dogs were rescued together and are not looking to go into foster care. But of course, they would only go into a home that accepted both of them, together.

When Judy Obregon, founder of the animal rescue The Abandoned Ones (TAO), went out to Echo Lake Park in Fort Worth, Texas, following reports that there was a homeless German Shepherd living amongst the trees, she soon realized that she would prove tricky to catch.

The dog was extremely timid and would run away if anyone got close to her, but Judy wasn’t about to give up- and she knew that time was of the essence.

“I knew it was extremely urgent to capture her,” Judy wrote. “Gaining trust began [with] studying her every move.”

Judy patiently returned to visit the dog every day, in the hopes that she would become used to her presence.

She always bought food and water with her so that the timid pup would hopefully gain her trust, as well as providing her with essential nutrients.

Eventually, Judy’s efforts began to pay off.

“At first once she saw my truck she’d run.” Judy recalled. “Every morning before sunlight I’d go to feed her- when she began waiting, I knew we were close.”

Judy could finally prepare to take the dog to the safety of her rescue center- but just as she was about to make her rescue, the German Shepherd had a surprise in store for her.

Now that Judy had gained her trust, the dog decided that it was safe enough for her to be introduced to her best friend: a frightened pit bull with scars covering his face.

It was clear that these two were inseparable, and the brave German Shepherd had waited until Judy had proved that she wasn’t going to harm them before bringing out her friend. Judy now had to make room for yet another dog in her car!

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