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Stray Dog Wraps Her Body Around Orphaned Kittens To Keep Them Warm In Freezing Weather

A brave dog saved the lives of five orphaned kittens by wrapping her body around them and shielding them from the freezing cold.

The stray dog’s heroic action was discovered when a passer-by found her freezing and shivering by the side of the road. It was a cold Canadian night and no place for a lone pup.

The unidentified citizen then noticed that the poor dog wasn’t alone; she was using the last of her body heat to protect five tiny kittens from the cold.

After making the discovery, the person quickly contacted Pet and Wildlife Rescue who came and collected the brave dog and her kittens. The dog has since been given the name Serenity.

Both the kittens and Serenity are now safe and sound, but their past is still unknown. Nobody knows whether Serenity knew the kittens before she decided to save them, or whether she came upon them by accident.

No owner has come forward to claim either Serenity or the kittens, so we’ll likely never know what happened before that chilly night.

But regardless of their past, Serenity loves her little rescues and while they were all staying at the shelter, she would regularly check up on them and make sure they were doing okay.

Now, they are all starting a new exciting chapter in their lives; the kittens are staying with a foster family until they are old enough to find forever homes, and Serenity is nearly ready to be put up for adoption.

The future is looking bright for everyone involved, and it is all because of Serenity’s kind heart and bravery.

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