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Stray Dog Takes Refuge In Christmas Nativity Scene To Give Birth To Seven Beautiful Puppies

Similar to Mary giving birth to Jesus, this street dog gave birth to seven pups on a barnacle packed with straw.

A magnificent Nativity scene was on exhibit in Palenque’s central square, under a simple tent. This one features the traditional assortment of Christmas figurines resting peacefully, but an unexpected addition is a dog that is expecting.

According to reports, the adorable dog chose the Christmas nativity scene as a place of safety. She may take a vacation from the icy streets and, if necessary, supply lighting. Local journalist Eric Guzmán saw this and found her curled up inside the straw.

Eric concentrated his gaze and saw that the dog had given birth to seven puppies. It appears that the dog determined that the Christmas birth was the only location that was secure and welcoming for her to give birth.

Eric told The Dodo, “He was shocked and happy to see that his babies were in a secure home. He said that they were never cold or wet. Despite the fact that Palenque is typically hot all year round, around December the temperature starts to drop, and dogs are frequently seen seeking cover from the elements.

Since Eric initially started telling people about the dog and her puppies, many Palenque locals have stopped by the manger to see them. Some even brought refreshments. Even the local government got involved and consented to letting the family of dogs stay for as long they required.

In order to ensure the dogs’ care both now and in the future, the animal lovers of Dejando Huellitas SOS Palenque have stepped up and started looking for homes for them. They have also hinted about holiness

Eric may not consider the puppies’ birth in the Christmas manger to be a miracle, but he does recognize their significance. The journalist hoped that as citizens, “we would be more conscious of stray dogs and would adopt them rather than buy them.” He said, “We should love them no matter where they are from.”

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