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“Someone Took a Chance On Her And Proved What Shelter Dogs Are Capable Of”

Coco may not have dreamed of seeing her name in lights, but that’s exactly what happened. The dog who’d been passed from home to home finally found a new family, and, unbeknownst to her, she was about to become a big star.

“Coco was  and was being taken care of by a member of the community for several weeks,” Chloe Arrington, social media coordinator for Lifeline Animal Project at Fulton County Animal Services told The Dodo. “[They] tried to locate anyone looking for her, but they could not keep her permanently.”

When the search for Coco’s family proved unsuccessful, the sweet dog found herself in the shelter. A foster took her in for a short while — but they couldn’t keep her either.

“She came back to the shelter and her new family came and adopted her,” Arrington said. “They had been hoping she would be available for adoption and, sure enough, fate stepped in!”

Coco’s new family are entertainment industry professionals who had the perfect opportunity for their new pup — a starring role in Hulu’s “Prey,” a prequel to the Predator franchise. The talented pup plays the role of Sarii, trusted partner of Naru (Amber Midthunder).

“Along with her family, she has a dedicated trainer now as well,” Arrington said. “Coco may have more roles in the future, as she is a pup who loves to be active and keep moving and learning. Having a job is a great fit for her.”

These days, the former shelter dog is living her best life while showing potential pet parents the perks of adopting rescues.

“She was originally meant to have a small role; however, her popularity among test audiences encouraged director Dan Trachtenberg to include more of Coco in the film,” the shelter’s Facebook postsaid.

The movie’s star, Midthunder, said that Coco is “… a little bit of a hot mess — but in a sweet way,” which required a little more patience with the rescue as she learned. In the end, it was Coco’s “own joyful and playful personality” that won the hearts of everyone involved with the film.

“The response Coco is getting is proof that the extra care and patience paid off!” the post added. “We are so delighted that Coco found the life she has, and is now shining a light on the potential of shelter dogs and what they are capable of when given a chance.”

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