Shy Cat Comes Alive To Play When Window Cleaners Visit Every Month

Rina Takei, 35, had a marvelous cat whose favorite time of the year was when the window cleaners arrive to clean their windows.

Guinness was a shy cat but as soon as he saw the window cleaners he became extremely alive and energetic.

Rina told that she and her husband was a bit excited when they moved to London 3 years ago. Their cat Guinness was also shy and nervous about the new location as he didn’t care much about the view of the famous MI6 building across the Thames, but he sure did appreciate the individuals who ensured that it was in clear view.

This shy cat was impatiently waiting for his favorite men to come every ten weeks and clean their windows. He likes to play with them jump and do some tricks. But Rina told that if those men came to their house the cat would sit aside and be ashamed of them.

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