Sheepdog Wakes Up Home Alone And Gets To Work Doing Some Herding On His Own

A case of sheep herding gone awry! This self-assured sheepdog wakes up alone at home one morning, but that’s no problem—he knows exactly what to do!

Doc wastes no time getting to work and doing (what he thinks) needs to be done…

Doc is a 14-month-old Border Collie who lives and works in Dandridge, Tennessee on a cattle and sheep farm. He was let loose one morning and went to work right away.

He went the sheep down to the sheep pasture and herded them out of their field, around the house, and onto the porch. Even though no one was home, he was simply doing his job.

He was only loose for a few minutes before someone came home and re-enforced his restraints. A candle and a wooden chair on the porch were both slightly damaged, but otherwise everyone is fine.”

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