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Senior Dog Who Can’t Climb Onto Bed Anymore Sleeps With Dad’s Shirt Instead

When she was a young puppy, Molly has enjoyed every second spent with her family. She must constantly be close to them, even when they are sleeping, as they are her best companions.

Travis Wahl was overjoyed to see Molly when he returned to live with his parents. They are very close, and although though Molly is more than 14, Wahl still thinks of her as the tiny puppy he adopted when he was 12 years old.

According to Wahl, she’s been with me for about 50 percent of my life, and she likes to watch me play the guitar. Sometimes I’ll sing her Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana” with the words changed to “Her name was Molly,” “She’s a nice girl,” etc.

Molly used to sleep in someone else’s bed every night when she was a kid. It is considerably more difficult for her to get on and off the beds now that she is older and very hefty. While she adjusts to not being able to sleep in her family’s beds every night, Molly is currently snuggled up next to Wahl in one of his shirts.

Any item of clothing Molly finds on the floor or nearby will be her bed for the night. She seemed to prefer being able to sleep near to anything that had a Strong aroma, as if they were still sharing a bed. She will take anything she can, even a towel or sock, if she can’t find a shirt.

either messy or orderly. Wahl will use it to fall asleep as long as she has it.

She used to sleep in whichever bed someone would let her into, according to Wahl, who claimed that she last slept on a bed on July 4, 2013. She doesn’t seem to mind that she can’t use my bed as long as she can sleep in my room every night.

Molly still loves her family with the same ardor she did when she was a puppy, and they instinctively return her affection despite the fact that she is older and less able to perform the same responsibilities as she once could.

Wahl claims that she develops with time like a fine wine. She started off as a good girl and is now the best woman.

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