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Selvery Burned Pitbull Defied The Odds And Bow He Loves Life

Justice the Pit Bull is much more than meets the eye, like most dogs. Although he doesn’t look like your usual dog, he is nevertheless beautiful in his own right. He simply had a challenging start to life, which was entirely out of his control. Despite being mistreated and abandoned, Justice made it to the Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter. At the shelter, he at last experienced what it was like to be cherished and treated with respect, like every dog should. Justice is currently beating the odds and enjoying life. He can only pray that those who committed his horrible assault will be made to pay.

Against All Odds

In 2018, Indiana police discovered Justice walking the streets. He was probably two years old and had serious chemical burns all over him that seemed to have been intentional. He only managed to live alone for a little period of time by some miracle.

Justice received the needed medical attention right away from the group. He initially needed to be bandaged. Then, his skin started to mend and some of his fur started to grow back slowly but steadily. Although he’ll never again have the same appearance as before the catastrophe, it’s okay. He is adored by the shelter workers for who he is, and it turns out that everyone else agrees.

He was first very depressed, according to veterinarian Jessica Lynch. He has a lot more personality now, he’s obviously gone a long way. He has developed into a really joyful, spirited young

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