Secretary Birds Have More Luxurious Lashes Than Any Human We Know

Some birds have really silly names. Yeah, yeah, I know that the “white-browed tit-warbler” wasn’t named after what it sounds like it was, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s funny to modern ears.

The fact is that most birds gained their common names long before they meant what they do now. Sometimes, that results in something cheeky and funny, and sometimes it so perfectly matches the bird now that it’s inconceivable that the name is unrelated.

Secretary birds prowl among the grasses and stomp their prey to death before feasting. Their most common food source is snakes and other small prey living in the savanna grasses, but people have witnessed the birds take down juvenile cheetahs and gazelles, too.


Although they spend their days on the ground, secretary birds take to the trees for roosting at night and for nesting.
Secretary bird chicks fledge at about 12 weeks of age.

They are currently threatened by habitat loss, but conservation efforts are proceeding to slow the decline in population.

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