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Puppy Adorably Naps Alongside Foal

There’s something about the sight of a dog and a foal playing together that just makes you smile. Maybe it’s the innocence of it all, or the natural way they seem to connect. Whatever it is, these videos of dogs and foals together are sure to make your day. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the best clips of dogs and foals being friends!

1. Puppy Adorably Naps Alongside Foal

This video was shot an hour after the foal was born. Like puppies and new humans do for the first few weeks, foals sleep a lot and deeply. She knew her little fluffy pal would want to snuggle up with her, so she didn’t mind! “Sugar” (the little foal’s mother) is standing right next to her sleeping baby and doesn’t mind that they’re cuddling.

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