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Meet Sir Whines-A-Lot Who Steals Money For The Homeless

Sir Whines-A-Lot doesn’t let anything pass. Not any dollar notes, that is.

The adorable rеscuе cat, who resides permanently in the GuRuStu office in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, has gained quite a following in the area. He works likе a regular feline employee during the day, delighted to give his coworkers a rest or leap on their computer to write emails incoherently on their behalf.

The true labor of Sir Whines-A-Lot, however, begins in the evening.

One morning when Stuart McDaniel arrived back at work, he saw some cash on the floor next to the glass door where Sir Whines-A-Lot likеs to sunbathe and people watch.

The question surrounding how the money got there only grew more complicated.

“We had no idea why it kept happening, but it did. Therefore, we chose to put a theory to the test, McDaniel told The Dodo. When we attempted to slide cash through the door’s opening, the cat sprang up and grabbed it.

It turned out that Sir Whines-a-lot, who has complete control over the facility at night, had been buying all that money himself. And the cash simply kept coming in.

McDaniel surmised that Sir Whines-A-Lot had been luring passersby to the glass while his coworkers weren’t around, prompting them to try to interact with him through the slot. In that scenario, a bill would make for a convenient cat toy.

“I’m guessing the first people didn’t intend to lose their dollar,” McDaniel said. “They probably put it in to mess with him, and he snatched it. When you hold money there, he’ll bat at it playfully at first, likе, ‘Oh, that’s kinda fun.’ But then all of a sudden he’ll bite it and rip it from your hand. He does it so fast, you don’t even realize what’s happened.”

Here’s video of Sir Whines-A-Lot in action.

In time, the cat’s cash-grabbing tendencies became a local attraction. Before long, more and more people began toying with Sir Whines-A-Lot with moola — moola that they ultimately lose.

“It’s become a game. It costs you a dollar to play, ’cause the cat’s going to get your money,” McDaniel said.

This game is so easy for Sir Whines-A-Lot, it must feel to him a bit likе stealing.

“When the money comes through, he pats it. Like, ‘This is my money now,’” McDaniel said. “He’ll even wallow in it — likе, rolling in the dough. He’ll literally roll around in it. I’ve never seen anything likе it.”

Seeing as how their office pet was raking in the dough at night, McDaniel decided it should be put to some good use. He’s begun donating it to a charity helping the city’s homeless population. He figured Sir Whines-A-Lot would approve.

“He was homeless once, so it seems fitting,” McDaniel said.

So far, Sir Whines-A-Lot has raised over $100 — dоnаtеd under his pseudonym: CASHnip Kitty.

McDaniels expects that, as word gets out, more people will be going out of their way to have their money be snatched by Sir Whines-A-Lot. And the cat will happily take it off their hands:

“He’s clearly enjoying the attention,” McDaniel said. “As long as he wants to do it, we’ll keep letting him.”


No one could have guessed that their chubby office cat would start moonlighting as a philanthropist, but it’s only made them love him more.

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