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Loyal Goose Won’t Leave Her Injured Mate And Patiently Waits Outside Of Wildlife Hospital

Geese are well-known for their loyalty. During 20 years of an average life span, they mate only once. When they reach maturity at the age of two, they find their mate and will be together ever since then, inseparable. Recently, a Canada goose has shocked the medics at New England Wildlife Center in Cape Cod. She came to the clinic and patiently waited for her mate, who underwent surgery.

The patient, a Canada goose called Arnold, lived with his mate at a pond nearby the facility. They have been there, in Barnstable, Massachusetts, for several years and are known to locals. Arnold happened to be in the clinic because staff had noticed that he had some problems with his feet. He developed an obvious limp and kept falling over. Therefore, the veterinary team decided to act.

They managed to get Arnold in the clinic and examined him, then found two open fractures on his foot. The team knew that they needed to do something, or these wounds would leave permanent effects on Arnold. And the next day, when they were preparing for Arnold to go under, they heard some tapping noises at the front door.

Arnold’s loyal mate showed up outside the clinic. She somehow located him and came all the way to the clinic to find him. She tapped at the glass door and wanted to break in. She surprised every medic at the facility. Never before had they seen something like that.

“We turned to see that his mate had waddled up onto the porch and was attempting to break into our clinic!” staffers recounted. “She had somehow located him and was agitated that she could not get inside.”

She watched her mate underwent surgery through the glass door. When Arnold awoke and his condition was stable, the team let them reunite on the porch outside. The couple looked so happy and comfortable when being together again.

“We opened the door and gave Arnold his flow-by oxygen in the doorway,” they explained. “His mate immediately calmed down and began to groom him through the door.”

For upcoming weeks, Arnold will stay in the sterile surroundings of the animal hospital. The team will take care of him, changes his bandages, and gives him treatment. But they’ll do that in the doorway, of course, so the Mrs. can see that her mate’s all right.

You can watch the video of the story below

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