Less Than 2 Years Old And Weigh 28lbs, This Maine Coon Kitten Is Often Mistaken For A Dog

How tall and heavy is the biggest cat on record you’ve ever seen? Whatever it is, you must be astonished by this Maine Coon Kitten. This handsome cat is named Kefir and weighs 28Ibs even he’s not fully grown yet. Because of his giant size, many people often mistake him for a dog.

Kefir lives with his owner, Yuliya Minina, in Russia. Yuliya never expected that her lovely cat could be an Internet sensation someday. She met this lovely furry friend 2 years ago and quickly fell in love with him. Kefir liked to sleep upon Yuliya when he was a kitten. This habit seems not to be a big problem because, at that time, he was very little. But now, Kefir turns into a little giant and Yuliya finds it quite hard to hold him properly. 

In spite of his giant size, Kefir is such a gentle cat. Unlike other cats who meow and yell all day, Kefir doesn’t meow, yell or scratch on the sofa or anything else. He is a perfect cat. He is just like a wisdom cat, always be quiet and observes everything. 

Yuliya often shared photos of Kefir on Instagram and TikTok, and she was amazed when people confused Kefir with a dog. Since adopting this big cat, her life has changed a lot. She felt truly blessed when she has Kefir as a friend.

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