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Kitten Who Was Born Without A Tail And Jumps Like A Bunny Gets The Home Of His Dream

A family in North Carolina, United States, discovered a homeless cat on their doorstep and chose to take her in. The kitten was pregnant, and when she was taken into her house, she went into labor, so the family planned for her and her offspring to be secure.

One of the kittens was born looking like a Manx cat, which means he was born fully tailless and with back-of-the-spine issues. The other kittens were well, and the family had already found them homes, but the little one without a tail required particular care to improve his quality of life.

When the kittens were weaned, the family called Sparkle Cat Rescue for assistance with the little cat.

Stephanie Grantham, the shelter’s co-founder, stated:

“Because Manx kittens have difficulty in the rear section due to vertebral deformity, strengthening the hind legs is vital in their growth.”

When Thumper arrived at the shelter, he began to get the care he required to try to achieve normal growth. Thumper is given many hot baths, as well as adequate medical care to help him recuperate and avoid a variety of infections, as well as rehabilitation exercise.

The training taught the tailless cat a somewhat unusual trick: the feline learnt to jump with its hind legs like a rabbit.

Stephanie stated:

“I didn’t want to use his hind legs, so I forced him to leap in and out of a little box to force him to use his rear legs.”

Regardless, Thumper is constantly cheerful, a fantastic climber, and likes bouncing around the room chasing objects. He is a nice kitty who has no idea he has a problem; all he wants to do is caress his human companion and sleep on his lap.

Every time he is touched, he starts purring and hugs his face, regardless of who he is; he adores everyone he encounters. Simply said, Thumper is a baby that enjoys curling up and only needs one opportunity to find a home.

Fortunately, a kind family saw Thumper’s tale on social media and fell passionately in love with the kitty. The family already had two Manx cats as pets, so they understood precisely what the adorable kitty need to have a normal existence.

As a result, the family decided to submit an adoption application in order to keep young Thumper and give him the life he deserves.

Stephanie continued, saying:

“Their request made me weep; the amount of effort and love they have invested into their creatures is remarkable, and I knew Thumper was the ideal match.”

Thumper, at eight weeks old, is living his life to the fullest, playing ceaselessly, kneading with his paws nonstop, and purring as he cuddles everyone.

His adopted family is eager to provide him with the loving home he has always desired, and everyone at the shelter is eager to see him succeed.

Little Thumper has finally arrived at his new home, where he will no doubt receive a lot of love and have plenty of feline buddies to play with.

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