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K9’s Find Missing 3-Year-Old Boy Lost In Woods In Less Than 30 Minutes

When a three-year-old Florida boy with autism was being watched by his grandmother, he unlocked the deadbolt on her front door and let himself outside while she was using the bathroom.

Her home is located in Pace, a Pensacola, Florida suburb. That’s where little Aedric wondered into the woods and got lost.

The Santa Rosa County’s Sheriff Department was quickly on scene, searching the woods.  Unfortunately, two hours later they were still unable to find him.

It was then they decided to utilize their highly trained bloodhounds, which have been on the force for about a year.  Happily, in 28 minutes he was found safe and sound.

“Once the dog hit the ground, it was 28 minutes until we got the child,” Sheriff Bob Johnson said.

Aedric was found surrounded by briars and mud and suffered some scratches and bug bites but otherwise he was unharmed.  A machete had to be used to cut back the dense vegetation to get him out.

District One Commissioner Sam Parker congratulated the hard-working team on their great job:

“Great job Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office!” he wrote on Facebook. “Their bloodhounds found a missing 3-year-old autistic boy who was lost in the woods today. Thank you to everyone else that came out to help with this effort.”

Of course Aedric’s family was terrified when he was missing but thrilled over the boy’s safe return.

“The most terrifying words a mother can get on the phone is ‘your child is missing, get home right now,” Audra Hughes said at a news conference Monday morning.

Let’s give a hand to the amazing dogs that helped locate the boy.  We applaud the hardworking K9’s that serve all over the country.

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