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Grieving Dog Won’t Stop Cuddling Pillow Of His Brother Who Passed Away

Spencer and his brother, Rocky, shared a special friendship for ten years and lived happily with their family. According to their owner, Beth Fisher, Rocky and Spencer were best friends.

They did everything together. The two ate from the same bowl and slept in the same bed. They were absolutely inseparable. Fisher told The Dodo that they never spent the night apart.

Devastatingly, the family received heartbreaking news from their vet; Rocky had developed a cancerous, fast-growing tumor.

At that stage, it was too late for treatment. Sadly, the only option is to put Rocky down so that he wouldn’t have to suffer. It was a sad day for the family, especially for Spencer.

When Rocky died, Spencer wandered all over the house, looking for his brother and crying when he couldn’t find him. Sadly, Spencer would do this every night and would start crying. The family decided that they had to do something to help Spencer cope.

So, they had a personalized pillow made with Rocky’s face printed on it, and it has definitely helped comfort Rocky since his brother’s passing. Now, Spencer sleeps with the pillow as if he were sleeping with his brother again.

Today, Spencer brings the pillow with him everywhere and cuddles with it all day. He is still mourning Rocky’s loss. However, the pillow of Rocky’s face has helped Spencer grief.

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