Goat With Un-Baa-Lievably Long Ears Aims To Become A World Record Holder.

Simba isn’t like the other goats on her farm, and that’s exactly why she’s in the running to become a Guinness World Record holder!

Born on Narejo Goat Farm in Pakistan, it was clear to Muhammad Hassan Narejo from the start that Simba would have longer ears than the rest of his animals. At just two weeks old, this adorable kid’s ears measured around 48 centimeters long — that’s nearly 19 inches!

Nubian goats already tend to have long ears in order to have an easier time staying cool in sweltering weather, but with ears that drag the floor, it seems that Simba has a gene mutation.

Thankfully, though, Muhammad says that she’s in good health. And based on her cute little tail that wags as she walks around, it seems that she’s happy, too!

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