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Three Adorable Kittens Got Rescued From Dangerous Construction Site And Given A Loving Home

80% of cats in the US are born outside and have to fend for themselves there all alone for the rest of their lives. Not many could even survive. However, thanks to the kindness of numerous animal rescuers around the country, plenty of stray or feral kittens have been saved and given a second chance at life.

Screenshot, Flatbush Cats


Bob, Mort and Hammy are three lucky cats who were saved just in time. The litter was born and raised in a hole in the foundation of a large construction site in Brooklyn, and we all know that’s definitely not a safe place to live for any creature at all, including cats of course. So, after hearing about their case, Flatbush Cats volunteers rapidly sprang into action to save these poor souls.


Normally they would try to trap the mother cat first, but they didn’t have much time since work would begin soon in that area. So with the help of several project employees, they managed to bring the three little felines out safely without any trouble. Unfortunately, the mother cat was nowhere to be seen.


The three rescue kittens were about 5 – 6 weeks old back then. As these rescuers were the very first humans (or possibly the very first beings) they met in their entire life, they acted quite wild and aggressively at first. But with plenty of love (and food), the young cats gradually became much friendlier and sweeter while enjoying their VIP indoor life.


After the lovely trio was strong enough, the rescuers got them spayed/neutered and found them an amazing foster home.


Time flew and these tiny fur babies quickly grew up into gorgeous cats. Since Mort and Bob were really bonded with each other, the foster family adopted them as a pair. Hammy found herself a loving forever home shortly afterward, too. She now has other two endearing brothers to have fun with daily, isn’t it great?

Watch the heartwarming rescue here:

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