Family’s 3 Poodles Have A Special Bond With Their Little Brother And Sister

One Japanese grandma has been documenting the precious bond her grandkids share with her poodles, and it has earned her 559K online fans. Once you see the pics, however, this huge number is anything but surprising. Each photo the grandma posts — whether it’s a candid or a directed shot — is incredibly cute and can brighten even the darkest of days. From watching TV to taking a nap, who wouldn’t follow a feed that shows adorable kids spending time with fluffy doggos?

The last time we wrote about this wholesome gang, the boy, Mugi, wasn’t even born yet. It was just Mame and the poodles. “Even after the pack got bigger, everyone’s on good terms,” the grandma told Bored Panda. “And the dogs remain very close to me as well.”

“Mugi sometimes plays with the same toys as the dogs, and often they’re doing something together. He’s like the poodles’ little brother.”

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