Dog Stops Traffic and Gets Assistance for Owner Having Seizure While Walking

Haley and Clover were walking in their neighborhood when all of a sudden Haley began to feel weak and fell to the ground. They were in the middle of the road where the cars were passing and couldn’t notice Haley.

However, her loyal canine friend wouldn’t let her there helpless. The dog stood in front of Haley so that the drivers could notice them and wouldn’t hurt them. The plan worked and a truck driver Dryden Oatway stopped the car to check what was wrong with the dog. When he noticed the woman on the ground he took her to the nearest house. Then they called an ambulance.

Clover also ran to their neighbors and even their homes to inform them about the happened incident. Soon many people gathered to check what was wrong with Haley. The woman soon was taken to the hospital where she got the needed treatment.

Clover was praised for her heroic deed and was gifted with a steak.

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