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Cutest puppy warms hearts by peacefully watching the rain

There are a million reasons why we love dogs so much! It might be because of their intelligence, or maybe because they’re making our lives easier due to their unique skills (service dogs for example).

However, regardless the reason, one thing is for sure – dogs undoubtedly make our days better! They never cease to amaze everyone with their cuteness!

While every puppy out there is adorable and sweet, apparently some of them are just meant to be Internet sensations.
And there are so many examples of sights of puppies that stole everyone’s heart. This time, a tiny puppy who decided to relax by watching the rain, went viral.

While most of dogs run away from the rain, this cute little puppy absolutely adores it. Every time’s a pouring rain, the brown and white doggie enjoys it like it would be the greatest show. He even crosses his back legs when watching it and that makes him even cuter.


The short, yet extremely adorable footage, shows the cute little puppy enjoying one rainy day while sitting in front of his house in Dongguan City in Guangdong Province, China.

It turns out, the puppy can’t wait a rainy day to show off his lovely routine.
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