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Cop Responds To Call About ‘Vicious’ Pitbull And Finds ‘Sweetest’ Boy Waiting

The police received a call about a vicious dog roaming around the neighborhood. And when they found the dog, he was not at all what they expected.

There are a lot of misconceptions about pitbulls that gave them a bad reputation.

And it’s made people so wary of them enough to ban them from their buildings, apartment complex, restaurants, and other public places.

That’s why when a pitbull-looking dog was found wandering without a leash around a neighborhood in Texarkana, Texas, residents quickly called the police to take care of the “problem.”

Officer Travis Frost was the policeman who responded to the call, and he drove over to the location of the dog.

He found the reported dog laid down on someone’s front porch. It was an unassuming pitbull or a dog that looked like a pitbull.

Not knowing what the dog has already done, if he’s done anything at all, or if he’ll do anything to Officer Frost, he made sure to keep the front door of his squad car, just in case.

Keeping his distance, he whistled at the dog, waiting to see what the dog will do.

And what the dog did next was not what Officer Frost expected.

As soon as he whistled and the dog noticed him, the dog walked over to him, with his tail wagging behind him.

This was not the vicious dog he was expecting to find. This was a dog eager to find a friendly face and its owner.

After the dog let Officer Frost pet him for a minute, he went straight to the squad car and jumped on the front seat. He felt right at home.

Officer Frost just stayed there with the dog, and they hung out while they waited for Animal Control to pick up the dog.

Unfortunately, whether they do anything or not do anything at all, pitbulls have had the negative reputation that they are vicious animals. This is because they have been taught by humans to be aggressive and to fight.

And because pitbulls are always willing to follow their owner’s commands, they end up fighting other dogs because that’s what they’ve been taught.

In reality, pitbulls are actually nanny dogs because they are naturally guarding and protective. And they’re especially protective of children.

Of course, pit bulls, or any dog for that matter, can still be a threat but only because there was no supervision.

“Pit Bulls have a bit of a bad reputation. Travis said that, while you should always be careful around any dog that you don’t know, you shouldn’t automatically assume that all pit bulls are bad dogs. They might be really loving like this guy was this morning,” Texarkana Police Department wrote on their Facebook post.


Animal Care & Adoption Center eventually picked up the guy and did their best to contact the dog’s owner.

They found the dog’s microchip, but unfortunately, the contact information of their owner was not updated so it took them a while to get in touch. This is also a friendly reminder to always keep your information on your dog’s microchip updated.

It can be the difference between getting your dog back home and a trip to the shelter.

A lot of people also commented and corrected the post when they said he was actually an American Bully and not a pitbull. They have very similar looks and people can make honest mistakes.

Watch how Officer Travis Frost and the dog hung out while they waited for his ride in the video below.

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