Baby deer waits outside her human mom’s door every morning

If some people start their morning with a cup of coffee Beth had other plans for the early morning. She had to feed the orphaned little fawn.

Beth rescued Copper when someone hit his mom with a car. Copper was lying on the road motionless and Beth knew that she had only a few minutes to decide what to do as the fawn’s life was in her hands. So she took the fawn and brought him home.

The fawn got used to Beth very easily. Copper was going great with Beth’s dog Rocky too. Soon Beth let him live outside to get acquainted with the outside world. She woke up early in the morning as Copper was patiently waiting in front of the door. Beth fed him and let him play with her dog.

Though Beth had a very close bond with Copper she knew that it was very important for the fawn to continue his further years in his natural habitat.

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