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32 Photos Proving That Retrievers Are The Best Dogs Ever

If you were to create a list of the happiest creatures on earth, not including Retrievers would be a massive injustice. Just ask any dog lover who owns a Retriever, living with a them is like living with a child who’s about to meet their favorite superhero. Although Retrievers are a bigger breed of dog, they are sweet, calm, smart and easy to train. Like most dogs, Retrievers grow old, but they are what dog lovers tend to call “eternal puppies”. Time may have changed them on the outside, but time couldn’t dent the level of playfulness and energy they have on the inside. These photos are proof that Retrievers truly are the best dogs anyone could ever have.

1. These dogs had the perfect prenup photoshoot

2. How Retrievers bond inside the house


3. Having weird choices for hats


4. Cozying in with the most huggable creatures on the planet


5. When your human is busy


6. “Oh hello, didn’t see you there!”


7. This dog knows things are about to go down

8. These dogs know family love


9. This important briefcase containing Lab results

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