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2 Years After He Was Found Guarding The Body Of His Dead Owner,This Lonely Rescue Dog Is Still Looking For…

Dillon the dog - a Lurcher who was rescued two years ago lying next to the body of his former owner after their death and who is now desperately searching for a new home after years of bad luck. See SWNS story SWPLdog;

This dog, one of Britain’s most unlucky, is still looking for a new home after two years. After being discovered among the remains of his dead owner, Dillon the dog is in desperate need of help.․․

The nine-year-old black lurcher dog is happiest when his owner takes him for walks, cuddles, and gives him attention. The National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) shelter in Cornwall, England, is now taking care of the animal.

The fundraising and supporter relations officer for NAWT, Amy Hall, told SWNS that Dillon is a really affectionate and dedicated dog․․․

After a two-year search, “we’ve been seeking for the appropriate family and home for him, which is what Dillon wanted, but we haven’t found it yet.”

Dillon has had trouble finding new owners because of his tendency to rush about and behave like a puppy while out on walks. When looking for a tranquil pet, past foster parents have struggled with the dog’s teenage energy

“The trouble with his age is that those seeking him are searching for someone who is more like him,” Hall said of Dillon, even though he’s still a puppy at heart. The best way for him to unwind is to take a walk in the fields after he rests with you.

It has been difficult for Dillon to find a home since he may be a little “possessive” with his owners and is thus unsuitable for a household with children or other dogs.

I’ve tried to get him used to live with other dogs in foster homes in the past, but that didn’t work out too well for him when they were all together; he much prefers his owner to anyone else.”

The NAWT worker referred to Joey as “from Friends.” He described him as “a little bit like that.” To quote a buddy, “he’s more than happy to go for a walk with them.”

However, Hall believes that NAWT’s current interest in Dillon has been enormous, despite this mistake.

If you’re the right person, this dog will come out of his shell. According to Hall, a few people have shown an interest, but none have followed through. However, in the last several weeks, there has been a great response.


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