You’re not alone anymore! A female volunteer adopted a pit bull who survived the beatings and spent many years in a shelter Read Full Article

You are no longer alone! A volunteer adopted a pitbull who survived beatings and spent many years in a shelter

This dog has been through a lot of terrible things in his life. But then happiness still smiled at him. Ten years ago, a caring man found a completely stiff dog on the street on a frosty day. The flayers bound his limbs with wire, and for this reason his muscles cramped from the cold.

In addition, it became clear that the dog had to endure repeated blows. So the pitbull girl lay down under the tree, covered with a blanket. But the man was walking the dog and she found the end of the wire and began to pull on it, leading the owner towards the dog.

And fortunately, a wonderful dog named Tatyana survived, which was really a miracle in negative weather. The man’s wife quickly contacted the animal rescue service.


After 30 minutes, animal rights activists were on the scene and already at the clinic, the dog had numerous injuries, but, to great joy, no fractures. But he needed serious treatment, and Tatyana spent a year and a half in the clinic. She was then taken to a Michigan state shelter.

The dog got used to the shelter conditions for a long time. She was aggressive towards both people and tribesmen and was very harsh in communication. I was afraid of everyone, especially men. The volunteers expected it and were very patient, since the dog’s aggression was the result of the human cruelty that she had to experience.

Tatyana was already old, and even with her character, finding the owners was not an easy task. In fact, it was reduced to zero. And she stayed in a shelter for ten years, until volunteer Michelle got a job there. He immediately fell in love with Tatyana and decided that she deserved a chance to be happy.

And finally, at the end of his life, the dog that experienced so much pain found a home and a loving lover.

It should be noted that its former owner was also found, who was sentenced to 93 days in prison, of which, however, he served only half. He was released and was forced to pay the costs of treating the dog, which naturally. I do not pay


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