”Yankee Jack’ statue in Watchet doesn’t want to play ball with dog ‘

The dog wants to play ball with the statue, too cute to miss

Dogs are such cute animals and their antics can sometimes melt your heart. If you’ve ever had a dog as a pet, you know that they love to play ball. In an adorable video posted on Instagram, a dog tries to play ball with a man. However, the dog’s attempt failed because the man it chose was a statue that looked both hilarious and cute.

The video, posted on the Good News Campaign page less than an hour ago, has garnered more than 47,000 views. The video shows a black cocker spaniel trying to play ball with a statue named Yankee Jack in Watchet, England. The dog made several attempts to hand the ball to the statue, even placing the ball on the statue’s leg. The poor dog didn’t realize the man was a statue and couldn’t play.
“If I could, I’m sure the statue would play. A cute puppy,” the video’s caption said.

The video also received comments from some netizens, who showed off a heart emoji.

“Ball throw dude!!!” commented one Instagram user. “We don’t deserve dogs!” wrote another. “Oh my gosh, so cute,” said the third. “Okay…this made me laugh!! Thank you!!! Music, cute puppy,” a fourth posted.

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