World’s Largest Sea Turtle Emerges From The Sea And It Is Mesmerizing

Turtles are majestic creatures. This one spotted by tourists on the beach is the largest sea turtle in the world.

This leatherback turtle emerged from the water and resting in the sand, only to return to the sea

These turtles are the largest of all species, and it is a rare sight to find them resting on the shore. Their uniqueness lies in their tear-shaped body and a pair of large fins. Because of these, they can easily navigate the waters and adapt to currents. The front fins of leatherback sea turtles can grow to 8.9 feet taller than any other sea turtle, but this is not their only characteristic.

The most obvious is that they do not have bones and carapace, but the skin is very thick and looks like leather, which is the origin of their name.The leatherback turtle is usually dark grey or black with a few white spots. It’s so beautiful! Watch this video of a leatherback spotted on the beach.

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