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Woman Sitting In Class Suddenly Realizes She’s Being Watched

Recently, a student at the University of Newcastle in Australia learned more than just what was on the syllabus that day.

She learned that she was being watched from above.

Apparently, a local possum somehow got into the ceiling space of the college building and is now stopping by to see her class.

“It’s a picture of a cheeky possum looking at students in class,” she told The Dodo. “This guy comes around a lot.”
She’s not kidding.
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After her husband posted the photo to Reddit, some Newcastle University classmates echoed that encounters with local wildlife were not uncommon.

The university’s Callaghan campus is in a natural area that’s home to dozens of native species — including brush-tailed possums like this guy. School officials wouldn’t have any other way.

“We are committed to ensuring ecological sustainability and protecting these valuable ecosystems,” Newcastle University wrote.

These possums can be seen roaming outdoors on campus most of the time, mostly at night.

But it’s certainly not unheard of to have random pops from above in class.

The student who recently witnessed the incident didn’t seem too worried about being watched by furry class spoilers. Why is she like this?

“No one is afraid because these creatures are friendly,” she said.

In fact, footage of past possum visits shows that their surprise presence in class can actually be quite pleasant.

Thankfully, Newcastle University and its students seem happy to share their school with these lovely little fellows. Things wouldn’t be the same without them, as the university writes:

“You can always count on the Callaghan campus for a ‘close-to-nature’ experience!”

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