Woman Accidentally Made The Squirrel Get A Little Tipsy After Giving Him To Old Fermented Pears

Have you ever treated your guests to foods that you shouldn’t? Katy Morlok, the woman in this story has. But her guest is a squirrel that lives in her backyard. She gave this adorable furry friend old pears that are fermented. And this accidentally helps the squirrel get drunk.
There is a chubby squirrel that has been living in Katy Morlok’s backyard for more than a year. She often leaves out food for the four-legged friend. Her kids also give him a name, Lil Red.
Morlok usually treats Lil Red to seeds and dried corn. But the other day, she seemed to commit a “petty” crime. She found a bag of uneaten pears when cleaning out her refrigerator. Morlok didn’t want them to go to waste, so she set one outside for her pet pig but he didn’t like it at all.
When Lil Red ran over, he was immediately interested in the old pears. He is so excited to bring them up the tree and enjoyed some that Morlok put out for him. But soon later, Morlok realized that the old pears had fermented. It meant that she was giving the squirrel an alcoholic treat. When Lil Red came to his normal feeding spot, it was clear that he was a little tipsy.
You can watch the video of Lid Red getting tipsy here. “I had accidentally gotten the squirrel drunk!” Morlok said. Even though the squirrel could still run and climb, Morlok was worried that he would not be safe if he continued getting drunk. She decided to pick up the rest of the old pears and threw them away.
“I was so delighted to see Lil Red back at the feeder the next morning for his ‘hangover breakfast,’” Morlok said. “He has been back to the feeder many times now and is perfectly fine.”
The squirrels are known to nibble on fermented fruit found in the wild. However, Morlok will never give Lil Red any more booze herself. It might be a big treat but not a good treat to them, right? Please share this story with your friends!

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