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“Ugly” Special Needs Stray Cat Has A Family Who Thinks She Is Beautiful

This Down’s Syndrome kitty in the story may brighten up your day today! Willow the cat is not an ordinary feline who exhibits God-gifted outward beauty. She was a stray cat roaming and wandering on the street, where she met her kind-hearted human. Lori Farris, a 50-year-old special needs teacher, spotted this little quirky furball following her to the car. The stray kitty appeared to have infections on her nose, have fleas on her uncleaned body. Surely she hadn’t been taken care of, but that doesn’t mean the woman would turn away from this tiny cat. Farris didn’t have any second thought, she scooped the cat and brought it home.

A few days later, the golden-hearted woman drove the cat to visit the vet. It was said that Willow was a 5-weeks old female kitten who had a severe problem with eye infections, fleas, and intestinal parasites. Besides, her overall health was fairly good according to the vet. However, there was one thing that Lori had to consider.

The vet declared that they have to put Willow down because she resembled feline Down’s Syndrome. In fact, scientifically, cats do not have Down’s Syndrome although their unusual features can confuse many vets and other people. Moreover, due to her bad-looking outlook, she needed to be euthanized. Regardless of those reasons, Lori still showed compassion to this poor kitty, so the woman brought her home and offered her a wonderful life.

Willow is the living proof of the beauty standard in this world. She wasn’t as pretty as other cats, but, she is now a feline sensation on the Internet. Lori brought the cat to the light, where people accepted and adored what was inside her rather than her appearance. Lori said Willow is madly in love with a lot of floral hats, which is absolutely adorable.

“I’m okay with people saying she’s weird-looking because she is, but I don’t like when people call her ugly, retarded, or gross.” – Lori said

Garnering nearly 250K followers on Instagram, Willow is no stranger to the fame. She is living a healthy and wholesome life with a lot of cute costumes, flowers, and her Boxer dog friend, Ella. They have been inseparable since Willow started to step a paw in the house. The fuzzy heart-shaped nose kitty is beautiful, inwardly and outwardly.

This story is also a reminder that no matter how good or bad you might look, your heart matters. Don’t let society mold your appearance as well as your kindness, goodness, wholeness, and happiness.

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