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Two Rescued Pit Bulls Save Owner’s Life During An Attempted Robbery

Their dad said, “They are rescues. Unwanted dogs. They saved my life.” ❤️

Despite their rough start in life, these two brave pit bulls would one day save the life of their rescuer, just as he saved theirs.

Ellabelle and Ladybug came from harsh beginnings. Neglected and unwanted, they were living in a shelter when Robert McGowan took notice of them. He could see sweetness in the two dogs so he gave them their forever home, not knowing that one day they’d repay the favor by protecting his life.

“They’re very docile and timid, they’re not aggressive at all.”

Despite their timid and friendly nature, one day the girls proved that no one messes with their dad.

It happened one evening when McGowan was in his garage with the door up. He was sitting next to his car when the unexpected happened. Four men barged into his garage and began to attack him.

“One just punched me straight in the eye,” McGowan said. “I was knocked off my chair.”

His attackers demanded the keys to the car and, dazed, McGowan told them they were inside the house. But so were Ellabelle and Ladybug, and they were just waiting to protect their dad and waiting to drive the attackers away, pit bull style.

When one of the assailants opened the door, the two dogs chased the men off and then ran to dad and stood over him barking as if to say, “no one is going to mess with our dad and get away with it!” McGowan said:

“They chased them out. My girls ran into the garage and stood over me. They stood there barking, making it clear that no one was going to hurt me anymore. The four people took off.”

McGowan was shaken and suffered a black eye but was otherwise unharmed. His girls protected him and his property so his assailants were unable to cause any more damage before they ran away.

Ellabelle and Ladybug were rewarded for their heroism with lots of praise and treats. McGowan said:

“They got toys and treats, they got good stuff.”

Certainly, the two sweet girls repaid their dad that night with more than their friendship. They protected him from the bad guys and proved what good dogs they are. From unwanted to heroes, these two dogs are incredibly brave.

Please share how these two unwanted pit bulls one day saved their rescuer’s life.

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