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Two Loving Frogs Spotted Sharing A Warm Hug Under Flower In The Rain

The animal kingdom is always full of magical moments, but not every one of us is lucky enough to witness such wonderful scenes. Thankfully, we still can admire those beauties through the heartwarming photos captured by devoted wildlife photographers worldwide. With their endless passion and excellent skills, they open a fascinating new world that we have never known before.
Ajar Setiadi is one of those talented men. The Indonesian photographer has long been interested in watching the colorful life of wild animals near his home in Bogor, especially the tiny ones like birds, snakes, lizards… Needless to say, the friendly frogs around are no stranger to him as well.
After years of wandering around with his camera in his hands, Setiadi has snapped plenty of mesmerizing shots where these little creatures express such lively feelings just like humans beings. But according to him, the lovely moment of two green tree frogs hugging each other sweetly that he spotted recently in a storm in February is one of the most memorable scenes he has ever caught a glimpse of during his entire life. “I could only get a few frames because this moment can’t be repeated,” he said.
As you can see in the awe-inspiring picture, the loving pair was holding on to a flower while waiting for the rain to stop under another flower. It’s such a beautiful moment, isn’t it?
Capturing such breathtaking photos of course isn’t easy. Instead of directly communicating with the models as we often do when working with humans, wildlife photographers have to wait like forever without disturbing their “muses”, sometimes under very harsh weather conditions. However, the results are always worth it. “I let (the animals) act,” Setiadi shared. “I’m just waiting for the best moment.”
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