Two hikers were surprised to see a cat that followed them to the top of a 10,000 feet mountain

One day two hikers were climbing a 10,000 feet mountain in Switzerland. Cyril and Erik Rohrer climbed Mount Britsen. Around 4:30 at about 4000 feet above sea level they heard meows and noticed a cat following them. They were very surprised and even frightened.

There were still 7500 feet left so they neither could leave the cat nor take her with them in such difficult conditions. But they took the cat. They carried the cat in their hands and even in their backpacks. The cat’s paws were bleeding from the frosty cover of the mountain but she still overcame the difficulties and reached 10,000 feet above sea level.

In the end, the hikers met a group who were descending onto the plain in the city and gave the cat to this group. It turned out that the cat was lost four days ago when another group went up the mountain.

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