Toodler Insists On Holding The Lash When Taking Her Deaf-Blind Dog For A Walk

 The dog was just 12 weeks old when she was given away to be put down due to her disabilities. But now she’s a little girl’s best friend in the world!

Echo the Great Dane was born deaf and blind, and her owner saw her as a “unwanted burden.” The dog was just 12 weeks old when she was sent away to be put down, but her fate was changed when a woman called Marion Dwyer noticed her. Marion retrieved Echo right away and drove her to her house in Niagara Falls, New York

Echo, despite her limitations, grew into the loveliest and most loving dog. However, it wasn’t until Marion became pregnant that she noticed a significant difference in Echo’s behavior.

Echo would always circle Marion and snuggle the baby bulge as though she knew her “favorite human” was inside!

Echo has been nothing short of a doting big sister to Jennie since she was born. She keeps a close eye on her small human and never leaves her alone for even a second.

They eat, play, and snooze together, and they’ve even started going on walks together! Marion believes Jennie and Echo “speak” in their own hidden language, which surpasses all human communication!

We are blown away by 17-month-old Jennie’s strong attachment with her doggy sister in this video.

The youngster appears to be at ease as she boldly takes Echo for walks throughout the neighborhood, while the enormous canine proudly protects Jennie from harm!

This touching story demonstrates that crippled canines adore their owners and deserve a second chance at life.

Watch the video below to see Echo’s pure and loving friendship with tiny Jennie, who is deaf-blind.

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