Tiny Labrador Puppy Tries To Carry A Newspaper That’s Double Her Size

This cute little puppy never gives up, watch as she almost makes it to the house!

Dog lovers will agree, there is nothing that compares to the loyal friendship of a dog. Not only do they provide hours of companionship, they are always entertaining. There’s never a dull moment when life is shared with a dog, like this adorable puppy who is trying to show off her fetching skills.

Peter Schulz shares his life with a 4-month-old lab puppy named Gracie. But before Gracie came along, he owned her mother and her grandmother. Tiny Gracie comes from a long line of lab love in the Schulz household.

She also came into the family with a tradition to carry on. Her mom and grandmother fetched the daily paper and would bring it to Schultz. Now it’s Gracie’s turn to fetch the paper but there’s a small problem.

Gracie is small and the Sunday newspaper is twice her size. Despite this, the adorable puppy is determined to carry the paper up the long driveway. Even though the paper barely fits into her tiny mouth, she doesn’t give up.

As she struggles to carry the newspaper, her dad encourages her to drag it by the plastic protective wrapper. Gracie tries but it’s just not the same so once again she tries to pick the newspaper up and carry it like a big girl would.

Finally, the tiny but mighty Gracie grabs ahold of the newspaper and practically struts up to the house as if to say, “See, I knew I could do it!” She is super cute and so proud of herself but even in her success, she is just too small.

Just as she’s about to reach the house, Gracie plops her butt down on the driveway and drops the newspaper. The little pup is too pooped to go any further but that’s okay for today, the adorable puppy did her best and her dad loves her no matter what.

One day, Gracie will be fetching the paper like a pro and doing much, much more. Such a beautiful dog inside and out. Please share her adorableness with your family and friends.

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