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They Broke His Bones But Couldn’t Crush His Spirits, He’s Now A Hero Therapy Dog

Aladdin the Pit Bull was in a very bad shape when he was found by rescuers. He had suffered a nightmarish beating which left him with broken back legs and a crushed tail,

12 of his teeth were missing and he weighed a measly 18 pounds. Despite his frail health, Aladdin’s eyes were filled with love.

During his recovery, Aladdin’s caretakers discovered his special empathetic power around humans. The abused boy was magically able to sense the presence of depressed, tortured souls like him. The rescuers were amazed when Aladdin walked up to comfort several heartbroken people on multiple occasions. He had a natural gift for therapy!

Aladdin was soon enrolled as a therapy dog trainee and he became a certified comfort dog within 8 months! Today, Aladdin spends his days helping sick children, recovering addicts and anxiety-ridden adults cope with their situations. He’s so good at this that he has been awarded for his contribution to the society as a therapy dog!

While Aladdin has turned his luck around with his zest for life and his dedication to heal people, his abuser has still not been found. The truth of his abuse is not known, but rescuers believe that someone prejudiced toward Pit Bulls might have hurt him. Let’s spread the word and help the authorities find the evil monster who tortured this innocent dog.

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