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The Thief Cat

The cat secretly delivered numerous little matters from the acquaintances to thrill her mother. The owner did not even understand where the kitty bought “items” from.

Mónica Vicéns found a tiny kitten named China from the street. The girl immediately fell in love with the striped toddler and couldn’t leave her. When Monica moved from apartment to house, China became a hunter. Almost every time she came back home with a few types of prey, which she gave to Mónica. As an example, it could be socks, cigarettes, matches, scissors, wrenches, darts. From the beginning, Monica did not understand where the cat brought the objects.

Sooner or later, it turned out that she “robbed” the pals. Then the female commenced to return the stolen items to the proprietors. “I returned all of the matters to the pals, but on every occasion China took them once more and took them to me with a displeased face.

It appeared that she wanted to say: “I gave this to you,” Mónica stated.

The neighbors took the cat’s actions with humour. Monica even established a box subsequent to the residence, in which she started to position all of the things stolen by the cat.

“China loves to wallow within the mud, hunt, scouse, borrow, throw things off the tables and annoy me in every possible way. however, I still love her to demise and could by no means go away from her,” stated Mónica.

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