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The Rescued Squirrel Built Her Nest not on a Tree But In Her Master’s Drawer

One day Simon Serfontein found a squirrel cub fallen from the three and couldn’t leave her alone. She rescued the squirrel ad named her Dingetjie. The little one was about 5 days old with no hair on her body. She was pinky, cold, and was screaming for hunger. Simon tried to find her mother but in vain.

Though it was very difficult to raise such a little creature without her mother Simon took the responsibilities and started to care for the little cub. The tiny squirrel needed to be fed every 1 hour. Simon even took her to work with a little shoebox to feed her properly.

After a little while, Dignetjie became a beautiful, healthy, and loving friend of Simon. But Simon decided to release her to the wild. When the day came she released her Dignetjie but the squirrel didn’t have the attention to leave her.

She roamed the whole day and came back in the evenings. When she was pregnant she didn’t build a nest on a tree but wanted to give birth in one of Simon’s drawers full of toilet paper. Unfortunately, the first two pregnancies were complicated and the cubs didn’t live, But the third time everything was perfect and she gave birth to a healthy squirrel Mistie. The experienced Simon fed Mistie and raised herself as Dignetjie went in the mornings and came in the evenings. Simon enjoys the company of squirrels and has become their family.

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