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The man gives a kitten a home and now wakes up with his hugs every day

Keith’s mother was at the vet one day when she heard about a litter of rescued kittens in desperate need of a permanent home; the woman instantly thought of her son and informed him.

Gladys, a kitten, captured the family’s attention with her tenderness, and they brought her home to make her a member of their family.

Keith stated:

“The first time I met her, she was really friendly and strolled up to everyone, climbed on her legs, and smelled everything and wanted to be hugged.

Gracie insists on cuddling up close to her beloved adoptive father, and when Keith wakes up, she rushes into her arms. Over time, she discovered that he wakes up to the sound of his alarm clock, which became her signal to leap into bed and shower him with hugs.

Gracie’s father continues:

“She leaps and lays on my chest when she hears my alarm (or when I move a lot).

Every time Gracie wants hugs, the feline’s devoted father is delighted. So, in order to ensure that he had enough time for his best friend and his embraces every morning, he decided to adjust his schedule to make her happy.

Keith adds:

“Every day, I set my alarm 30 minutes earlier to offer her extra happy time.”

Gracie’s favorite activity is staying in bed. The kitty enjoys approaching her father and curling up against his neck or chest. When he sees him standing in front of his computer, he prefers to sit on his lap.

He went on to say:

“I was sitting at my desk for around two hours a day, carrying Gracie on my left arm while my right arm was on my mouse.”

Furthermore, the feline is rather outspoken, and if anything does not sit well with her, she does not hesitate to let her family know.

Finally, his father said:

“She would meow if I meowed at her. When she brushes against my legs or goes around my desk, Gracie always meows if I don’t pay attention to her.”

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