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Terrified Rescue Dog Hides In the Corner Facing The Wall Until Her Soulmate Comes Along

The animal rescue knew they had their work cut out for them but were determined to make Chloe happy.

Contrary to what people think, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine at animal shelters.

They’re not better off at shelters.

Chloe was abandoned at the shelter and, as a result, is always scared and doesn’t trust anyone. She hides and buries her hands in a corner in the shelter to avoid everyone.

Shira of Animal Rescue Mission found out about Chloe through the Saving Baldwin Park Shelter Dogs Instagram account. They were hoping the previous owner will come back and get her from the shelter.


Or, in case they don’t, they’re asking for generous souls to foster the poor dog.

And someone stepped up! A friend referred Darvish to Shira to foster Chloe and remove her from the traumatic shelter.

A week and a half after the post came out about Chloe, Shira, Darvish, along with Karl, a dog trainer, went to the shelter to pick up Chloe.

At first, she didn’t want to leave. She kept peeking out of the entrance, unsure whether she should step out.

Shira took Chloe’s leash and tried to coax her to come out. Darvish even sat down on the ground to make Chloe a little less unsure.

After a few encouraging nudges from Shira and Darvish, Chloe trusted them enough to walk out with them.

But then the car became another hurdle they had to cross.

When she eventually willingly went inside the car, she wasn’t doing well. The roads they passed were quite bumpy and she got so scared again. She tried to find a corner where she could hide but there wasn’t any.

She ended up just curling up in the backseat with Shira, who kept caressing her.

Shira did what she could to calm Chloe down. And it worked! Soon, Chloe was inching closer to Shira. She even gave Shira a mini-kiss!

But when they arrived at Darvish’s house, they had another struggle.

Chloe had just gotten comfortable in Darvish’s car. And now, she had to get out and go somewhere unfamiliar once again.

They didn’t want to force Chloe out of the car so they waited until she wanted to step out of her own choice.

An hour later, Chloe stepped out of the car and walked into Darvish’s house.

“We just let her roam around the house,” Darvish shared. “She found this corner in my bedroom and she just refused to come out of that corner. So I let her stay for the first day and that’s how we got started.”

It was a slow process for Darvish and Chloe. But Darvish was determined to gain Chloe’s trust.

He placed her bed in that corner so she’d feel comfortable. And then on the third day, he sat down beside her. Since he worked from home, he was able to stay there the whole day with her. He wanted to reassure her that they were going to be okay and that he wouldn’t hurt her.

A few days later, he noticed that Chloe began to trust him and became attached to him.

She’d follow him everywhere he went. She’d be by his side even while he was working. Darvish knew he couldn’t give her up now.

He officially adopted Chloe and named her Mira.



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Watch the video below to witness how Chloe became a scared shelter dog to a loved Mira living with her soulmate.

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