She Lost Her Legs By Speeding Train, But She Didn’t Lost Her Resolve To Be A Caring Mom

It is known that animals are flexible, and they always try to adapt to their environment. That leads us to an important point, which is that there are millions of homeless poor dogs in this life struggle daily to find water, food and a place to sleep in, writes fancy4work

But through these sorrowful stories, there are always inspiring stories, and this story is one of them. A 2-legged stray dog that has given birth to pups in China, and even with her disability, she still cares for her puppies in a good way.

The momma’s name is Shi Bao, and she was abandoned by her parent, so she took refuge near Kouguan Railway station in Datong, Shanxi Province. Sadly, an accident caused her to lose her hind legs. Locals citizens think that she was hit by a train or a car. Fortunately, she survived. She recently delivered healthy nice pups.

Shi Bao guides her puppies around the train station searching for food. She always makes sure that her babies are always far from harm and near her. We all hope that Shi Bao and her puppies find an animal rescue organization or a good Samaritan, as the animal laws in China aren’t well protected for animals like other countries.

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