She Cried A Lot Because Exhausted, Unable To Take Care Of Her Puppies

Meet Paola! She was fully exhausted from hunger, her children still had no milk to nurse.
They were lying motionless, effects were going poorly for these poor tykes. Maybe, they’ve not planted food for numerous days.

The mama canine only knows how to close her eyes and bite the pain. Her child is still the same, still suffering immensely. They were extremely weak and glutted.
the three poor puppies had lived in poverty since birth.

They cried in despair. Looking at their prayer eyes, my heart broke and I came more determined to deliver these poor babies.
They were quickly brought to the vet they are severely malnourished with many ticks on their bodies out of three puppies one is very weak the other two puppies are healthier so they are kept separate for easy care.
Because the mother dog’s stomach was tight we couldn’t feed her much at one time.

She needs to take in food slowly combined with protein infusion hopefully the mother dog and three puppies will get well soon, okay for you, and take care of her children by herself, foreign.

On day 10 both Paula and her three puppies feel so much better she begins to gain weight now she no longer doubted us she started to be friendly and open she can get up and walk.

Day 55 this is Paulo she is completely healthy after nearly two months of rescue and treatment now that Paula is with us she has gained weight and is getting more and more beautiful her three children are also adopted by kind families they are all very happy with their wonderful new owners you.

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