“Selfie Cat” Takes Hilarious Photos With Big Dog Security Guards

When Yoren Ahm started his Instagram page back in 2013, his subjects usually involved his dogs or animals he’d witness in nature.

However, a star was born when an adorable gray tabby taking “selfies” suddenly appeared on his page.

This surprise celebrity happened to be Yorem’s newly rescued cat named Manny. 

Keep reading to discover how this quirky rescue cat took the world by storm with his unique talent!

A Mysterious Guest

Manny was actually a stray cat who walked onto Yorem and his wife’s property out of the blue.

From the looks of it, he clearly needed a place to live and the couple welcomed him into their home.

It was actually Manny that made the decision for them.

“He just showed up one day and hasn’t left,” Yorem told ABC News.

Manny made himself right at home!

Part of The Pack

It didn’t take long for the gray tabby to become best friends with the couple’s other dogs and cats.

In fact, he was so friendly and lovable that he soon became the “alpha” of the pack!

Manny also started to make a regular appearances in Yorem’s Instagram photos.

Sometimes he’s pictured by himself, but he’s mostly pictured alongside different members of his fur family.

A Star is Born

One day, Yorem was out doing a regular photoshoot with his dogs and Manny.

It was just like any other photoshoot they’d had in the past, but this time, something very special happened. 

“Manny learned to use the camera by chance when he reached out to touch the camera during a shoot one day,” said Yorem.

The result was a photo that looked like Manny was taking a selfie with the dogs!

When Yorem saw the photo, he couldn’t help but laugh at how funny it was.

He immediately uploaded it to Instagram, and before he knew it, thousands of people were laughing with him.

That was when Manny earned his title as the “Selfie Cat.”

Soon enough, Manny’s photos went viral.

He was instantly an internet sensation!

Selfie Cat Security

Since that first photo, Manny basically took over his owner’s account.

He had thousands of fans eager to see his next selfie.

He’s often seen taking selfies with his big dog security guards, Yorem and his wife’s Rottweilers.

A cat as famous as Manny needs security guards, right?

The dogs sit alongside Manny with a regal expression or a goofy smile.

It’s clear they enjoy Manny’s company as much as he enjoys theirs.

Manny is full of personality!

He’s ready to show both his serious side and silly side.

The camera loves him and all of his adorable expressions!

Marvelous Manny

So far, Manny is making almost 624,000 Instagram followers smile with his adorable selfies.

He’s pranced his way into national news, appearing on Ellen and ABC News.

This curious and clever cat can’t resist an adventure.

Manny’s loyal followers can’t wait to see what he’s up to next!

Yorem is proud of Manny and how happy his quirky cat has made people.

“If people smile from him, that’s even better,” Yorem shared.

Be sure to follow Manny on Instagram and see his latest selfie cat adventures.

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